Weight Loss

Will biofeedback help?

This depends on the cause of the graphics problem. If you eat too much under pressure, you can save some calories. Biofeedback is a scientific psychosomatic medicine method, through which people can specifically affect their own physical processes.

Computer software enables processes such as the body’s stress response to be consciously accessed. Outspoken stress eaters benefit from this completely harmless approach. You will learn how to deal with stress and reduce physical symptoms. The tester sat in front of the computer and was assigned tasks. The probe measures the conductivity of the skin to indirectly measure the degree of tension. The screen uses graphics to display the measured values so that the body’s response is visible. Other readings can show tight muscles, shallow breathing, sweaty palms, or a fast heartbeat. Those affected in front of the screen are often unaware of these symptoms. With the help of biofeedback program, he can even track the impact of happy or unstable memory on his respiratory and cardiovascular system. If his consciousness can be exposed to these effects, and if he learns proper practice, he can improve his values only by his willpower.