With Ginga training

At the age of 16, she became the youngest licensed fitness coach in Germany, made several rankings with “hot banditoz” and became a member of the DSDS jury. In 2014, fernandabrando reported from her native Brazil during the world cup. By the way, she developed her own fitness exercise Ginga. Eat smarter not only met the 30-year-old interview, but also met with Ginga.

Although the saying goes “small, but oh” Fernanda Brandao is a bit like noodles now. When the 30-year-old girl entered a gym in Hamburg, the first thing I noticed was her well-trained upper arm. Other parts of her body are also in good condition. Fernanda doesn’t look like a hungry hook as is common among celebrities, but defines muscles and defines muscles. “. A healthy figure. If the secret of this tights is ginger, I want to try this sport now! But what the hell is ginger?

What is Jinjia?
“This training combines Latin American rhythm and traditional elements of capoera. I started capoera from an early age and have been trying to integrate it into my exercise since then,” Brando said. Ginga mainly trains the endurance of various muscle groups. A large number of repetitions can evenly strengthen the body and define the muscles.

Ginga tested
That sounds good, so let’s start. Although Fernanda mastered these steps perfectly and moved rhythmically into South American style music, as the editor of eat smart, I had difficulty coordinating at first. But after repeating several separate step sequences, I mastered the trick and began to sweat a lot with Ginga. Exercise does promote fat burning. The combination of powerful kicking and dancing makes you feel happy. “Ginga is very suitable for women who like exercise and want to try new things such as zunba dance and yoga, and even want to lose one or two kilograms.”

Lose weight with Ginga
A good friend of Fernanda Brandao is the best example of how to use Ginga to train your body very evenly. “She has been struggling with being overweight. Through a lot of exercise, regular Ginga units and continuous diet changes, she has successfully lost 40 kilograms. Her whole body feels tighter and tighter, which is really great.” Brando himself is also very careful about what he eats. After intense exercise in Ginga, she ate a sandwich, but ignored the delicious fruit buffet such as pineapple and watermelon. “I hardly eat any fruit because it contains a lot of fructose. If I want to eat something, I usually eat vegetables,” the Brazilian said. “In addition to a lot of vegetables, I also eat a lot of meat and fish. On the other hand, I try to avoid pasta, candy, etc. but crimes are allowed once a week – but Fernando deliberately exaggerates. “I have a so-called cheating day every week. On this day, I eat whatever I want, regardless of calories. On other days, I consciously avoid crimes like chocolate and French fries and save them for my cheating day.”

Fernanda Brandao doesn’t just train calories through Ginga. “I like to try a lot. I recently tested cross fit and really reached the limit. The most important thing about sports: it must be fun.” Ginga is very interesting, although I, editor of eat smart, was almost eliminated after exercise. For all who want to test Ginga: so far, DVD has been sold as a gift when shopping in puma, and it will also be sold in stores from January.

(Christine ignor)