Your inner weak self – how to overcome it

In fact, you have decided to do more exercise. If it wasn’t for the bastard in your heart that you couldn’t make up your mind. However, with some skills, this can be easily overcome. Eat smarter reveals how your weaker self will remain silent in the future.

Who doesn’t know? In the new year, you decide to eat better, exercise more or quit smoking. But even if you have made it your goal, implementation will soon fail. Your inner weak self is the culprit. For example, once you pack up your sports equipment, he will report: “look outside. It must start raining soon. Besides, it’s too cold.” Unknowingly, your sneakers returned to the corner and you sat on the sofa. But that’s not necessarily true. We will show you how to overcome your weak self.

Inner bastard. – what the hell is that?
The inner bastard lives deep in the brain. In fact, according to experts, this is more like a habit we cultivate ourselves. It happens like this: once we do something we like (such as eating a chocolate bar or spending a comfortable night on the sofa), the brain rewards us with a sense of happiness. As a result, we have been eating a piece of chocolate. Reward has become a much stronger habit in the brain than control.

Inner bastard – he doesn’t have such a chance
In order to overcome my weak self, I must first set a clear and specific goal. For example, I go jogging for half an hour at 7 p.m. every Monday. On the other hand, “I want to exercise more” is too general. Important: predict your weaker self and develop coping strategies for possible obstacles. You were going to jog, but it was raining cats and dogs? Go for a swim! A colleague wants to go out drinking with you spontaneously? Ask her if she would like to go to the gym with you.

Inner bastard – seek support
Find support for your decision: for example, a friend who takes you to the gym, a family member who helps you cook, or a running group. This makes exercise or eating more interesting. In addition, you can’t easily cancel an appointment when you know someone will be waiting for you.

Inner bastard – reward yourself!
Very important: reward yourself. Because only by combining new habits with positive feelings will it be easy for you to stick to them. But please note that your reward will not resist your decision. For example, it’s not a good idea to treat yourself with a piece of chocolate after exercise. After each exercise, it’s best to throw a euro into the piggy bank and reward yourself with money. Or imagine what you would be like if you stuck to your determination. The positive image in your mind and the expectation of it are also a good reward.

Inner bastard – why?
By the way, the word “pig and dog” comes from the 19th century. This is the name of the dog used to hunt wild boars at that time. These people are considered aggressive and stubborn. So “asshole” is an oath. In the early 20th century, the military also used the word – in this context, the inner bastard was “overcome” for the first time. Today, the weaker self is a frequently used symbol, especially for athletes and consultants. (boron)