Zumba step – new fitness trends

The world-famous Zumba dance brand is revitalizing the fitness scene through its new plan: “Zumba dance step” is a mixture of fitness, dance and step aerobics, which is mainly used to train thigh, leg and hip muscles. Our colleague Greta Schneider attended the official premiere in Hamburg at the invitation of fitness first Germany, and was allowed to take an exclusive test course and observe carefully

Through Zumba step, the fitness company Zumba has added a new way of dance exercise to its “fitness party” and combined the classic Zumba program with aerobics and new dynamic steps.

Zumba steps – what’s the difference?
Like the classic Zumba, the step version focuses on music and fun, while strength training rarely feels like this. The difference is that it changes the coordination of steps, especially training balance and deep muscles. Using the treadmill, the exercise is carried out at two levels, which means that the step can be more intense.

Training includes 30% fitness exercises, 40% dance elements (such as tango and salsa elements) and 30% aerobic steps, as well as a large part of the instructor’s motivational applause and animation. As a novice, this sometimes seems a little strange, but after a period of time, it will produce amazing euphoria!

Zumba steps – my conclusion
If you like Zumba, you will also like Zumba step. Anyone who has not yet tried but likes dancing and rhythm in a colorful company should participate in the program. In particular, those who are afraid to take fitness courses can find opportunities for exercise and exercise in Zumba steps – regardless of their size and age.

Of course, at the beginning, there is a lack of sureness and technology, but regular training can also succeed in a very short time – no master has fallen from the sky! At first I had some coordination problems and had to adapt to music and my zunba experience course partner.

I don’t necessarily recommend Zumba step to those who have received more training and are looking for sports challenges and high stress levels during training. Because I prefer intensive courses such as sports warfare or Taekwondo, I missed the tired satisfaction at the end of the course. The feeling of Zumba dance step class is gentle in my bones, but compared with my usual pain, I am a little disappointed. Yes, I need pain to prove what I did

Zumba step – where can I exercise?
At present, Zumba step is only conducted in fitness first studio. From March this year, licensed fitness coaches will be allowed to teach these courses all over Germany.